How to Redeem Shares from Your Account

Redemption Methods

You may redeem shares from your accounts using the following methods:

  • Written Instructions - For most account types, you may submit a letter of instruction or contact a Customer Service Representative for requirements and a redemption or distribution form.*
  • Telephone Transactions**
  • Internet**
  • Interactive Voice Response Unit**

Redemption Requirements

Requirements for redemptions will vary according to account types and your specific instructions. However, the guidelines below apply to all redemption requests.

  • Redemptions are processed using the next calculated net asset value (NAV) after the request has been received in good order.
  • Over $100,000 per fund position per day must be in writing and require a Signature Guarantee.*
  • If a non-Medallion signature guarantee is received, processing your request may be delayed. Medallion Signature Guarantees can be obtained from full service brokerage firms and most FDIC insured banks.
  • Redemptions from retirement plan accounts must include reason for distribution and federal tax withholding instructions.
  • For Retirement Plan Distributions, if you elect Federal Tax Withholding and you reside in a state that requires mandatory state withholding, State Withholding will also apply to your distribution. The state withholding rate is based on your resident state's requirements.
  • Effective January 1, 2009 all distributions from a 403(b)(7) account will require an Employer or Third Party Administrator approval and be submitted on a 403(b) redemption form (POL-21) available from the website or by calling Shareholder Services.
  • Class B share accounts may be subject to a contingent deferred sales charge.
  • If the address of record has been changed within the past 30 days, a Signature Guarantee is required for redemption processing.

Signature Guarantees (Financial Institutions Bond Coverage)

Financial institutions providing Medallion Signature Guarantees have surety bond coverage that protects the transfer agents from "bad" guarantees. Primerica Shareholder Services will not accept a request to process a transaction that exceeds the financial institution's bond coverage. Please verify with your financial institution their amount of bond coverage to determine if the institution's bond will cover your requested redemption amount.

Systematic Withdrawal Plan

A Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP) provides you with a convenient method to redeem shares on a regular basis for a pre-determined dollar or share amount. With SWP, regular redemptions may occur on a monthly, quarterly semi-annual or annual basis and on any day you choose.To establish this service, please refer to your fund's prospectus for details. All SWP requests must be submitted on the appropriate SWP form. Certain funds may have restrictions, refer to your prospectus for further details.

Check Writing

Check Writing is available in certain funds for non-retirement accounts, accounts not subject to a contingent deferred sales charge and accounts not subject to backup withholding with the IRS. For information on how to establish Check Writing, please contact one of our Customer Service Representatives. Primerica Shareholders Services' policy:

To place a checkbook order, your account value must be at least $100.00

  • After the initial checkbook order, additional orders can be made after you have written 8 or more checks from the previously issued checkbook.
  • Primerica Shareholder Services ("PSS") will revoke check writing privileges on an account when a registered owner has 3 checks returned for non-sufficient funds; PSS will provide the following written notifications to the shareholder:
  1. First Returned Check - shareholder is notified of the Check Writing Policy and informed of alternatives to the check writing privilege.
  2. Second Returned Check - shareholder is again notified of the Check Writing Policy, warned that check writing privilege will be revoked on submission of another non sufficient funds check, and again, informed of alternatives to check writing privilege.
  3. Third Returned Check - shareholder is notified that the check writing privilege is revoked, that unused checks should be destroyed and that no additional checkbooks will be issued if a shareholder believes that a returned check was wrongly denied, the shareholder has 14 days from the date of the shareholder notification to notify Primerica Shareholder Services of a request for dispute resolution. The checkwriting privilege may be amended or terminated any time by the mutual fund, PSS or the bank..

If a shareholder believes that a returned check was wrongly denied, the shareholder has 14 days from the date of the shareholder notification to notify Primerica Shareholder Services of a request for dispute resolution.

The check writing privilege may be amended or terminated at any time by the mutual fund, PSS or the bank.

There are fees associated with the check writing privilege for Legg Mason Partners Western Assets Money clients. There is a per-checkbook fee and a return check fee which will be charged to your account for checks written on a Western Asset Money Market Fund position for which insufficient shares are available for redemption. Please refer to your fund's prospectus for additional information regarding the check writing privilege.

Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit is an option that allows funds to be sent directly to your bank account*. Direct Deposits can be utilized on accounts with an established Systematic Withdrawal Plan, Dividends and Capital Gains that are paid in cash, and redemptions made by phone or in writing. A service fee may apply.

Reinstatement/Reinvestment Privilege

Certain mutual funds allow shareholders who have redeemed shares of the fund to reinvest at Net Asset Value all or a portion of the redemption proceeds within a certain time period (into the same share class or to another share class specified by the fund company). Please review your fund's prospectus to see if this option is available for your fund and the time period allowed for reinvestment.

Retirement Plan Redemptions

  • If you redeem money from a retirement plan account, you may roll the redeemed assets back within 60-days of receipt of the redemption proceeds.
  • The IRS allows only one rollover per IRA account in every 12-month period.
  • You may not rollover any of your required minimum distribution payout.

Redemption/Exchange Fees

Your account may be charged a redemption or exchange fee if the shares you are redeeming or exchanging (selling shares of one fund to purchase another) have been held for less than a specified time period (specified by the fund - example: shares held for less than 30 days may be charged a 2% redemption/exchange fee). Please refer to your fund's prospectus regarding short term trading fees associated with redemptions/exchanges.

Retirement Plan Account Fees

PFS Investments Inc. Annual Custodian Fee: This fee is charged to certain retirement plan accounts in order to cover expenses incurred in the custodial management and tax reporting of the accounts.

  • Up to $50*
  • Charged once per calendar year per SSN

PFS Investments Inc. Termination Fee:
This fee is charged on a full premature distribution (under the age of 59½). The fee is also charged on outgoing Transfer of Assets regardless of age up to $50, charged per SSN, charged with closure of last retirment plan account.

  • Up to $50*
  • Charged per SSN
  • Charged with closure of last retirement plan account.

Retirement Plan Beneficiary

It is important to review your beneficiary information periodically so if or when circumstances arise (i.e. death or divorce), PSS has the correct beneficiary information on file prior to such circumstance.