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Investment Profile Questionnaire

Before you invest, decide what kind of investor you will be. Are you more aggressive and ready to accept the possibility of loss in exchange for the possibility of higher returns? Are you more conservative? Part of figuring that out is determining how long you plan to leave your money in the investment vehicle. If you're planning on investing in a mutual fund, you probably plan to invest for the long term. In an attempt to reduce risk and affect their possibility for returns, some people choose to vary their investments or "diversify." While this strategy does not guarantee any particular returns or guarantee protection against losses, it is one way to vary risk.

Completing the questionnaire below and discussing the results with your PFS Investments Registered Representative can be a valuable step toward evaluating your continued approach to investing. The total score from your responses is a rough indication of how much risk you prefer in your investments from information you have provided. Keep in mind that this profile is intended to give you a start and doesn't cover all the issues that you should consider.


What's your risk tolerance?

In the questions below, select the appropriate statement that best indicates your risk or safety by clicking within the circle with your mouse.

What is your current age?
5 Points Less than 45
4 Points 45 to 55
3 Points 56 to 65
2 Points 66 to 75
1 Point Older than 75

When do you expect to start drawing income?
5 Points Not for at least 20 years
4 Points In 11 to 19 years
3 Points In 6 to 10 years
2 Points In 1 to 5 years
1 Point Within 1 year

For this investment, I intend to take:
5 Points Higher risk in return for potentially superior returns
4 Points Moderate to higher risk in return for potentially greater return
3 Points Moderate risk in return for some growth opportunity
2 Points Low risk in return for a little growth opportunity
1 Point Slight to no risk in return for general stability of principal

Assuming normal market conditions, what would you expect from this investment over time?
5 Points To generally keep pace with the stock market
4 Points To slightly trail the stock market, but make a good profit
3 Points To trail the stock market, but make a moderate profit
2 Points To have some stability, but make modest profits
1 Point To have a high degree of stability, but make small profits

Suppose the stock market performs unusually poorly over the next decade. What would you expect from this investment?
5 Points To also perform poorly
4 Points To make very little or nothing
3 Points To make a little gain
2 Points To make a modest gain
1 Point To make gains, regardless of the stock market's performance

Which of these statements would best describe your attitudes about the next three years' performance of this investment?
5 Points I understand a loss of principal is a realistic possibility
4 Points I can tolerate a loss
3 Points I can tolerate a small loss
2 Points I'd have a hard time tolerating any lossess
1 Point I need to at least see some return

Which of these statements would best describe your attitudes about the next three month's performance of this investment?
5 Points I wouldn't worry about market fluctuations in that time frame
4 Points If my investment declined greater than 20%, I'd be concerned
3 Points If my investment declined greater than 10%, I'd be concerned
2 Points I can only tolerate small short-term fluctuations in my investment
1 Point I'd have a hard time accepting any investment declines




The Investment Profile Score above is for informational purposes only. To review or update your investment objective on your Legg Mason, Invesco, Amundi Pioneer or American Century account, log into Primerica Shareholder Services.

An investor should consider the investment objectives, risks, fees and expenses of a mutual fund carefully before investing. A prospectus contains this information and other information about the investment offerings. The prospectus contains this and other information. Read and consider the prospectus carefully before investing. Contact a PFSI registered representative for a current prospectus.

Securities are offered by PFS Investments Inc., 1 Primerica Parkway, Duluth, GA 30099-0001


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